Who we help

We provide a mix of cloud accounting process, operational financial support, strategic financial guidance and financial systems consultancy.

This combination of efficient and convenient online collaboration between you and us, with helpful and expert guidance as and when you require it, makes us an excellent accounting partner for:

• ‘One Person’ businesses
• Small and Medium SME businesses
• Larger SME businesses
• NFPs

One man (or slightly larger) businesses

If you run a business in which you are the sole employee, or in which there are perhaps just a couple of other people, your accounting need will usually not be too complex.

By helping you to port your accounting to Quickbooks Cloud, and ensuring that you are able to perform basic, day to day tasks on the platform, we can assume easy, remote responsibility for your payroll, VAT returns, management accounts and other requirements.

And if you need help, guidance or a sounding board for financial decisions related to any part of the business, we’re here to help at any time.

Smaller SME businesses

If you are a business of between, say 10 and 30 employees, Bush & Bush provides a perfect complement to your in-house book keeping or Accounts resource.

If you are not already using a cloud accounting solution, we can assist you with porting to Quickbooks Cloud and help you to ensure the system is set up properly for your requirements.

Thereafter we have full visibility of the data entry carried out in house, and can prepare monthly, quarterly or annual management accounts and monthly cashflows, and look after your payroll, VAT returns and other operational affairs.

We are also available to your management team to advise and guide on strategic financial matters such as financing, investment and acquisition.

Larger SME businesses

If you are a larger SME business, of perhaps 50-100 employees, we can take over responsibility for all of your operational accounting requirements (payroll, auto-enrolment, VAT, monthly management accounts, cashflows etc), as well as for the annual preparation of your returns.

We do this by dovetailing with your in-house accounts capability at whatever point of crossover of responsibilities is most suitable for you. We can most effectively provide this service to organisations using the Quickbooks Cloud solution. If you are not already using this, we can advise on its suitability, and assist with bringing it online within your business.

Alongside our operational function, our highly experienced, CFO level, corporate background Principal is available to provide insight, discuss options and act as a sounding board for your CFO, CEO and Board in all matters relating to the financial management and development of the business.

Not For Profits

We have substantial experience in helping voluntary and not for profit organisations, including charities and sports associations, to manage their financial affairs.

We can help you to port your accounting to the convenient and easy to use Quickbooks Cloud platform, after which we can manage your operational accounting, and prepare all reports as required by your constitution, or for legal compliance.

In addition, we can offer experienced insight and guidance on the financial structuring and strategy of your organisation, including in matters of subscriptions and funding.

Want to move to cloud accounting? Want flexible, expert accounting help and insight whenever you need it?