Operational Management

When a business equips itself with enterprise standard financial systems and intelligence, it adds significantly to both its efficiency and its competitive edge.

We can add real value to your operational financial management by designing, or modifying, appropriate accounting systems, and by preparing a variety of key financial intelligence for you.

Setting up accounting systems

Whether you are at the start of a new business venture, or wish to audit and overhaul the accounting system in an established business, we can do this for you. We can work with you or your in-house finance manager, book-keeper or FD, if you have one, to devise a system ideally suited to your business, its expenses and income streams, and the nature of the financial information you need to operate effectively.

Budgets, cashflows and other intelligence

We can act as either your virtual FD, or as a highly experienced assistant to your own FD, if you have one.

In line with your requirements, we will work with you to prepare annual budgets, and to prepare and maintain cashflows on a monthly and annual basis.

We can also segregate results on a monthly basis, giving you visibility of the performance of individual product lines.

How we can help you with Operational Management

• Setting up accounting systems
• Facilitate the preparation of Annual Budgets
• Prepare and maintain monthly and annual cashflows
• Segregation of monthly results to measure different product lines

Adding value to your Operational Management

Setting up appropriate systems and extracting and presenting key data from your accounts so it can contribute to your ongoing management are both valuable services.

But we can add to these, by bringing insight and experience to helping you better understand and use this information, and acting as a sounding board for decisions you might make based on this.

Could you benefit from some input into your operational management systems or intel?